What is a Niche?

what is a niche

If you want to run a successful blog or website, then the niche you choose at the start is one of the single most important decisions that you will make in your business. This one decision will impact everything from the design of your site, the type of content you provide, and the kind of visitors you attract. Even your potential monetization options will be decided at this point before you’ve even turned on your computer. While there is no such thing as a wrong niche, there are ones that are much more lucrative than others and some that are much harder to break into. But, what is a niche?

What is a Niche?

A niche is an area of interest or product group. An example of an exciting niche would be dog training, a product group niche could, for example, be electric lighting. Both niches are things that people search for on the Internet, and both of these niches are searched for because people have problems that they want to solve. They are either looking for information on the subject to help them solve their problem themselves, or they are looking for physical products that will help them solve their problems.

A niche market is a way to solve problems in exchange for a financial reward. People who are searching online for dog training might be willing to pay money for the answers to their problems with their dog’s behaviors. People who are searching for electric lighting may also be looking for information, but it is far more likely they are looking to buy lighting products.

A micro-niche is far more useful for an online business than a general niche. An example of a micro-niche would be Husky dog training or solar garden lighting. In these cases, people are searching for specific things, so if you are building a micro-niche site, you can target these potential customers more accurately. By displaying products on your website that are carefully matched to what your visitors are looking for you are more likely to make a sale. Another advantage of choosing a micro-niche is that there are millions of them. Even today, it is still possible to find profitable micro-niches which have very little competition. This will enable you to enter a market that has a problem and provide that market with a solution that they can’t get from anywhere else. The secret is being able to find these niches.

Niche markets and especially micro-niche markets provide online business owners with the opportunity to find business opportunities which have little competition. The trick is to find micro-niches which have low competition, but that also have a lot of people searching for them. It isn’t easy to find them, but when you do, then these micro-niches can be extremely lucrative. If you are unable to monetize these sites using informational products or physical products, then you can always use pay per click advertising on them.

What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is marketing your products or services to a select group of potential customers inside a much larger customer base. This is done because there is often a need that isn’t being addressed by the companies who are targeting the more significant customer base. In other words, there is a demand for something that isn’t being supplied. If you can satisfy that demand, you have a potential market that is waiting to pay you for what you can offer them.

Take, for example, Internet Marketing. The niche of Internet Marketing has many sub-niches, including search engine marketing, PPC marketing, article marketing, Google Ads, and more. You can further refine these sub-niches to include even more specific markets. For example, you could fill the niche market of PPC marketers who just use Google Ads or who only use Yahoo Search Marketing. These particular niche markets have grown, so have their desire for more information and resources that can be used for their businesses. This information is not being supplied by those who just target the large Internet marketing market. Those businesses that primarily focus on article marketing aren’t going to be interested in PPC marketing, just like those who use Google Ads won’t be very interested in obtaining information on article marketing.

This is why there are businesses who market directly to niches because they can better satisfy what those niche customers are asking for because those niche marketers directly address the problems facing the niche target markets.

The Over Saturation of Niche Markets

Niche marketing, over the years, has become one of the primary ways to market because many entrepreneurs have started to realize that Internet marketing is becoming over saturated with Internet marketers and their products. This makes it much harder to earn a profit from the vast Internet marketing market. Those who are new to Internet marketing will have an even harder time breaking in because many established Internet marketers have incredibly loyal customers that trust them and their products.

New internet marketers can better compete or even dominate a niche because there is little to no competition in that niche. The more you can target a specific niche, the better your chances of being able to be successful and carving out a profitable piece of the niche. Luckily, you can discover a profitable niche in just about every market.

Many successful Internet marketers end up making a nice income online because they target different niches, some of which aren’t even related to each other. They do the necessary research to determine whether a profitable niche market exists for a product/service that they can supply, select a domain name, build a website, and start marketing it to the niche target market.

However, niches don’t have to deal directly with marketing. Niches can be carved out of any market, from dogs to gardening, to home décor, to writing, and more. Additionally, any market can be broken down into smaller niches, by either the way of the product, the target market, or both. The key is finding what needs are not being satisfied by companies and websites that are already out there and then providing them with a valuable offer that will make potential customers eager to purchase. With an almost unlimited number of niches that you can choose, with more appearing every day, choosing the right one for your business should be easy.

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