Tony Robbins Daily Routine: 5 Habits You Can Adopt Today

When you think of Tony Robbins, what comes to mind? Is it his charismatic personality, his motivating speeches, or his larger-than-life presence? While all of those things are true, what really sets Robbins apart is his daily routine. Despite a schedule that would make most people’s heads spin, he manages to maintain a sense of focus, discipline, and productivity that has propelled him to the top of his field.

One of the keys to Robbins’ success is his ability to manage his time effectively. With a team of around ten people flying with him in his private jet, he’s able to plan and manage his businesses while traveling to more than 60 countries every year. And with a hand in more than 30 companies, including consultancies and sports teams, there’s never a dull moment in his schedule.

But despite the chaos of his daily life, Robbins has some habits that provide the foundation for his success. From his morning routine to his exercise regimen, he’s found ways to stay focused, energized, and motivated throughout the day. And given his experience as a pioneer of self-improvement, anyone interested in boosting their own performance and productivity can learn a lot from a day in the life of Tony Robbins.

Of course, we can’t promise that following Robbins’ daily routine will lead to an estimated net worth of nearly half a billion dollars. But we can say that many of his approaches to life and work will lead to greater success and happiness for anyone. So if you’re looking for a model of success and happiness, it’s tough to do better than Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins Daily Routine


So, have you ever wondered what the world-renowned life coach Tony Robbins does to start his day? Well, wonder no more! Here’s a rundown of his morning routine.

First things first, Tony typically wakes up sometime between 7 am and 9 am, depending on how late he went to bed the previous night. After rising from bed, he spends the first 10 minutes of his day meditating, expressing gratitude, practicing yoga, and reciting affirmations.

Once he’s finished with his mindfulness practice, he moves onto a high-intensity workout session with his personal trainer, which lasts for around 15 minutes. This gets his blood flowing and sets him up for a productive day.

After his workout, Robbins likes to visit the sauna for a little while to sweat out toxins and relax his muscles. Then, he takes a dip in a cold plunge to help with recovery.

Finally, he fuels up with a vitamin shake and a nutritious breakfast. His morning meal usually consists of eggs and coconut bread or a salad with avocado and olive oil.

And there you have it! Tony Robbins’ morning routine. It’s a great example of how starting your day with mindfulness, exercise, and healthy food choices can set you up for success.


So, Tony Robbins’ afternoon routine is all about balancing work and family time. He kicks off his afternoons with a refreshing salad and meets up with his team to discuss the upcoming meetings and seminars. With a jam-packed schedule that often starts at 9 am and extends until late in the night, Robbins keeps himself fueled with a meal replacement shake during the day.

Despite his busy schedule, Robbins makes sure to take out some time for his loved ones. He spends quality time with his wife, Sage, and daughter, who often travel with him. Whether it’s squeezing in a quick workout or going for a stroll, Robbins believes in cherishing every moment with his family.

That’s Tony Robbins’ afternoon routine for you – work, health, and family!


Tony Robbins is a pretty busy guy, and his evening routine reflects that. After wrapping up his presentations (which sometimes end as late as 1 am), he likes to debrief with his crew and discuss any feedback or changes they need to make.

After all of that, Tony still needs to refuel, so he’ll have a light meal of organic protein, veggies, and potatoes. But, since he’s burning the midnight oil, he’ll often have an evening snack to keep his energy levels up.

And when does Tony finally hit the hay? Well, let’s just say he’s a bit of a night owl. His bedtime is usually between two and four in the morning, which means he gets around 5-6 hours of sleep each night.

5 Habits That Made Tony Robbins Successful

1. Reading for growth

Tony Robbins credits his daily reading habit as one of the most valuable practices of his life. His teacher Jim Rohn introduced him to the idea of reading something every day that would nourish, teach and offer value by providing new distinctions. 

According to Rohn, this habit was even more important than eating, and he advised Robbins not to miss a day of reading even if he missed a meal. So, pick up a book or an article that inspires you and make it a daily habit to read it. It can help you grow personally and professionally.

2. Embracing uncertainty

In a world where the future seems more uncertain every day, it’s easy to get stuck in fear and not take any risks. However, Robbins believes that uncertainty brings opportunity and that certainty is not a feeling but a habit that you can cultivate. 

To make progress, you need to be honest with yourself about your fears, feel the uncertainty, and take action regardless. So, don’t wait for certainty to take action. Embrace the uncertainty, take risks, and learn from your failures. With this habit, you can achieve great things and succeed as an entrepreneur.

3. Think abundantly and give generously

Tony Robbins believes that if you think of the universe as a place where there are plenty of resources for you and everyone else, you will create that reality. He suggests carrying three $100 bills in your wallet at all times to remind yourself of the abundance that exists in the world.

Additionally, giving generously can help create a mindset of abundance. Robbins is donating the profits from his latest book MONEY Master the Game to feed hungry people. You can start by donating to a charity or volunteering your time to help others.

4. Choose your partners carefully

Looking back on his career, Robbins admits that his greatest mistakes came from partnering with the wrong people. He now carefully analyzes his goals and needs and compares them with those of a potential partner to ensure a good match. Being selective in choosing your partners can help you avoid unnecessary complications and setbacks.

5. Become obsessed with finding the greatest answers

According to Robbins, to get results, you need to become obsessed with finding the greatest answer to your questions. He has been obsessed with finding ways to make things better and help people improve their lives. 

To move your business forward, identify the questions that drive it, and then relentlessly pursue the best answers. Whether it’s by reading books, attending conferences, or networking with others in your field, find the resources that will help you find the greatest answers.

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