Savannah LaBrant Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Income, Earnings

Savannah LaBrant Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Income, Earnings

Savannah LaBrant Net Worth

Savannah LaBrant has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. She earned the majority of her income from her YouTube channel and Instagram. She is a popular fashion blogger, social media celebrity, and professional photographer from the United States. Her passion for photography propelled her to fame on Instagram, where she has over 7 million followers.

The young mother and entrepreneur was named the 2016 Muser of the Year. Savannah endorses the classy jewelry of ‘Taudrey,’ with a personal overwhelming affinity for the “Mommy and Me” jewelry sets, among other brands.

She created the ForEverAndForAva Instagram account for her daughter, Everleigh, and her friend Ava, where her daughter models for various brands and products and sets new fashion trends for young girls. Savannah started dating actor and Vine star Cole LaBrant in 2016, and they started a YouTube channel together called The LaBrant Fam.

As of June 2022, the channel had over 13.1 million subscribers. She has a massive following on her TikTok account, savv.labrant, with over 29 million fans.

To calculate Savannah LaBrant’s net worth, add up all of her assets and subtract her debts, also known as liabilities.

Savannah LaBrant’s assets include everything she owns, such as the amount of money in her checking or savings account, real estate equity, savings and investment plans, and items with a clear market value (car, jewelry, clothes, art, etc.).

All outstanding debts, including the remaining balance on her home, car, business or personal loan, credit card debt, back taxes, and anything else she still owes, are included in her liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:

Name: Savannah LaBrant
Net Worth: $3 Million
Monthly Salary: $20 Thousand+
Annual Income: $200 Thousand+
Source of Wealth: TikTok Star, Fashion Blogger

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Savannah LaBrant was born with special abilities. She began dancing at the age of two and completed her elementary education at home. Savannah enjoyed taking photographs and had worked as a model in her teens, so it was natural for her to pursue a career in photography. She frequently took pictures of her daughter and posted them online.

Savannah LaBrant later established her own website, People began to follow her posts in their hundreds, then millions. She was immediately drawn to the uniqueness of the lip-syncing TikTok app and daily uploaded several videos with her three-year-old daughter. Everleigh’s adorable presence and creativity helped her gain a large number of followers in 2016, and she became the most viewed and followed ‘Muser’ that year. She started blogging about fashion the same year she met her fiancé, Cole LaBrant, and eventually started a YouTube channel.

Savannah collaborated with Michelle Foley and her four-year-old daughter, Ava Foley, to create the ‘ForEverAndForAva’ Instagram account for Ava and Everleigh, where the two little girls create their own fashion statements. Michelle and Savannah manage the account, which has 1 million subscribers.

What Makes Savannah LaBrant So Special

Savannah is a wonderful mother in addition to her lovely blonde hair, dreamy eyes, and lovely features. She may have had a pregnancy in her late teens, but she has no regrets. She believes that being a single mother has made her a more responsible person. She wishes to instill the best values in her daughter and is raising Everleigh to be humble. In an interview with ‘Taudrey,’ she expressed her displeasure with her daughter being ‘famous,’ preferring that Everleigh understand that she is more well-known than other children.

She is grateful for the outpouring of support from her followers and family, and she is doing everything she can to secure her daughter’s future.

She also stated that education is her top priority and that she will always encourage her daughter to prioritize education over popularity.

Beyond Fame

Savannah LaBrant enjoys photography and travel. She enjoyed dancing as a child and has thus enrolled her daughter in dance and gymnastics lessons. Savannah balances her life in the gym, photography assignments, creating new vlogs and content for her channel, and taking her daughter to playschool. Despite her hectic schedule, she manages to eat healthily and maintain her stunning beauty. She considers makeup to be an art form and enjoys dressing up her daughter. She would choose a day at the beach over any other activity, and when it comes to jewelry, the lovely mother prefers gold over all other metals.

Family & Personal Life

Savannah Rose Soutas was born on March 2, 1993, in Orange County, California, to a Christian family. Deborah Soutas, her mother, had always encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Chantelle Paige, her elder sister, is a well-known pop singer and the vocalist of the R&B girl band Flipsyde.

Savannah dropped out of school when her daughter Everleigh was born when she was nineteen. Her previous relationship with Tommy Smith resulted in the birth of her daughter.

She is currently enrolled in university and working full-time as a photographer and fashion blogger. Savannah became successful after the birth of her daughter, and by the age of two, her life had begun to fall into place.

She met Cole LaBrant, a prominent Vine star from the group/collaborative channel Dem White Boyz, in 2016, and the couple married on January 22, 2017. In 2017, they married.

Savannah and Cole gave birth to a daughter, Posie Rayne, in December 2018 and a son, Zealand, in July 2020. Everleigh is her daughter from a previous relationship with Tommy Smith. She announced her fourth child’s pregnancy in November 2021. Her fourth daughter was born on June 7, 2022.

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