WordPress Themes

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

Are you struggling with how to choose a WordPress theme? There are tens of thousands of options out there.

To decide what WordPress theme to use for your website. You have to consider the following factors:

  • Pick a lightweight WordPress theme: since your WordPress theme is your site’s foundation, it’s going to have a big impact on your site’s performance and loading speed. And how fast your site loads is very important for user experience, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and conversion rates.
  • A theme that enables easy customisation: you may see some themes look fancy right out of the box, but usually those themes have very low flexibility and are hard to tweak things to make them your own. You would want to use a theme that uses the WordPress Customizer so that you can customize the theme without requiring any special technical knowledge.
  • Themes are not for functionality: don’t mix up design and functionality. Themes are for design, whereas plugins are for functionality. You should not choose a theme because of its built-in functionality like events or calendar features. Functionalities should be achieved by installing plugins. If you choose a theme for its functionality, you will be locked into that theme for life and cannot switch to other themes when needed.
  • Customer Support: you will need technical support no matter what themes you choose, so you should always choose a theme that is backed up by great customer support. That way, you can save money on hiring developers.

There are some multi-purpose WordPress themes like Divi, Avada, which allow you to create a fancy website quickly and easily.

However, these themes are heavy, bloated and slow. They include too many features that you won’t need at all, and most importantly, they slow down your site and increase the chance of conflicting with other plugins. Also, your whole site will be broken if you switch to other themes later on. 

Remember, page loading speed is very important. The success of your business depends on a fast loading website so that your visitors can have a great user experience and Google will rank your website higher as well.

GeneratePress Theme

We recommend the well-coded and super lightweight theme GeneratePress. It is the best WordPress theme that meets all the above factors.

GeneratePress is super fast and flexible, which makes it a great foundation for your website. It reduces the page load time to a large extent and gives you the flexibility to make a lot of code-free changes.

Also, GeneratePress has a straightforward user-interface. You can use the WordPress Customiser, which is very convenient as you can see the changes in real-time while customising.

GeneratePress has the free version and premium version. You’re highly recommended to install the premium version to get the most out of this theme, which only costs $49.95/year.

In the premium version of GeneratePress, you can get all the premium modules like Backgrounds, Blog, Colors, Copyright, Disable Elements, Elements, Menu Plus, Secondary Nav, Sections, Site Library, Spacing, Typography.

As for the technical support, GeneratePress has very comprehensive documentation. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask on the very active support forum where the support staff will help you with immediate solutions.

Of course, if you have some special design requirements and don’t want to hire a developer,  you can easily pair GeneratePress with a drag-and-drop page builder plugin like Elementor. In fact, GeneratePress is the recommended theme by Elementor itself, so you won’t have to worry about conflicts or any performance issues.


Choosing a WordPress theme is important as it is the foundation of your website. GeneratePress is a rock-solid choice for you to build your website on. It’s truly built for performance.

Many highly experienced developers use GeneratePress. However, the free version lacks some great features, so we will recommend you to invest in the premium version, which is very affordable when compared with other themes.