Qias Omar Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Income, Earnings

Qias Omar Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Income, Earnings

Qias Omar Net Worth

Qias Omar has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. He is a YouTube sensation best known for his social media channels. He has millions of subscribers across multiple YouTube channels, with his vlog channel alone having over a million. He is also well-known on social media, with thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He earned the majority of his income from his YouTube channel.

He rose to prominence as a social media star after posting comedic videos on Vine. Following that, he began posting videos and pranks about Afghans and other Middle Eastern people on his YouTube channel, which drew a lot of attention.

His channel gradually gained views and subscribers, prompting him to create more YouTube channels. He currently has three channels open, which keeps him busy at all times. He is also a business owner who sells clothing and merchandise for men, women, and children.

To calculate Qias Omar’s net worth, add up all of his assets and subtract his debts, also known as liabilities.

Qias Omar’s assets include everything he owns, such as the amount of money in his checking or savings account, real estate equity, savings and investment plans, and items with a clear market value (car, jewelry, clothes, art, etc.).

All outstanding debts, including the remaining balance on his home, car, business or personal loan, credit card debt, back taxes, and anything else he still owes, are included in his liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Qias Omar
Net Worth: $2 Million
Monthly Salary: $2 Thousand+
Annual Income: $20 Thousand+
Source of Wealth: YouTuber

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Early Life & Career

Qias Omar was born in San Francisco, California, the United States of America, on September 21, 1988. Except for the fact that they are of Afghan origin, little is known about his parents.

As a teenager, Omar was fascinated by social media. He began experimenting with social media, eventually posting Vine videos. His videos began to gain popularity as he frequently posted comedy videos, which proved to be a crowd-pleaser.

Following this initial response, he decided to showcase his skills on YouTube, and on July 14, 2007, at the age of 18, he launched his first YouTube channel. He began by posting videos and pranks about Afghans and other Middle Eastern people, which quickly gained him popularity.

The success of his self-titled channel inspired him to launch his second YouTube channel. As a result, on March 5, 2012, he launched a new channel called ‘QrewTV.’

‘QrewTV’ was founded to post vlogs and other entertaining videos and quickly became a huge success. ‘QrewTV,’ Omar’s most popular YouTube channel, currently has over a million subscribers and over 200 million views across all of its videos.

Omar was always fascinated by sneakers, so he decided to share his passion with the world via his third YouTube channel. On June 13, 2015, he launched his third channel, ‘QrewKicks,’ to demonstrate his passion for sneakers. This channel also features fashion and review videos.

Omar has amassed thousands of followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts as a result of his YouTube success. While his Twitter account has over 142,000 followers, his Instagram account has over 565,000 followers. His Instagram account also allows his fans and followers to get a sneak peek into his personal life.

His passion for sneakers landed him a position as a brand ambassador for ‘Crep Protect,’ a popular lifestyle brand known for producing shoe cleaning kits. Omar is also a business owner who sells clothing and merchandise for men, women, and children. He also sells stationery, bags, device cases, wall art, and home décor through his online store.

Personal Life

Qias Omar is engaged to his long-term girlfriend, social media star Mina. Mina, who attended the University of California, Davis, has appeared in numerous of his YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

For many years, Omar was in a relationship with Mina. He finally proposed to her in 2017, and they married the following year. Mina, like Omar, enjoys collecting sneakers and flaunting them in videos and photographs.

Omar has many YouTubers and internet celebrities as friends. He is close friends with Ahmed and Wajeeh, with whom he has worked on several projects. He has also worked with fellow YouTube sensation Yousef Erakat.

Omar, like most men, enjoys riding his bike. He is also a big basketball fan who enjoys shooting baskets in his spare time. He posted a photo of himself with former American basketball player Ray Allen.

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