Multiple Income Funnel Review – A Big Scam or Legit?

Multiple Income Funnel Review – A Big Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for a Multiple Income Funnel review? This comprehensive test report will answer all your questions.

You will find a website called Multiple Income Funnel if you search the internet for things like “how to make money online”.

Do not worry, you will soon find out if this product is worth your time or just another online scam.

I have done thorough research about this program and can tell you everything you need to know.

I would like to point out that I am not affiliated with Multiple Income Funnel in any way, meaning I am not being paid to write this review. So you can be assured that my words are unbiased.

Finally, I’ll tell you the exact method I used to build my online business that earns me a 5-figure passive income every month.

What Is Multiple Income Funnel?

Mack Mills has developed a new program called Multiple Income Funnel.

The program claims to be an online business opportunity that helps you earn multiple commissions on autopilot.

On his website, you can watch a video where Mack Mills shows you expensive cars, houses, etc. He even tells you how much money he makes with his system.

The sales video also shows you people who say they have made a lot of money with Multiple Income Funnel.

But I have seen many overhyped videos like this that make you think you can make a lot of money too. But in reality, these overrated programs rarely deliver what they promise.

Multiple Income Funnel makes you think you can make a lot of money every day with this system, even if you never have.

Mack Mills says that Multiple Income Funnel is a fully automated system. This means that you get landing pages, email swipes, products and even traffic.

You’ll be trying to sell:

  • Easy1Up
  • Textbot Ai
  • Traffic Authority
  • OPM Wealth

All you have to do is buy these products and the expensive traffic packages and hope for the best.

Pros of Multiple Income Funnel

There is nothing good about this show.

I think Multiple Income Funnel is a well thought out affiliate program. But the problem is that it’s almost like a Ponzi scheme. In other words, nothing of real value is traded here, only money.

Moreover, all the products you are supposed to sell through the dashboard are unethical. Some have even proven to be the best scams in the world!

Cons and Complaints of Multiple Income Funnel

1. Multiple Income Funnel has a very low success rate

Overall, the number of people making money with systems like Multiple Income Funnel is shockingly low. About 1% of people who participate in pyramid schemes make money.

This means that almost everyone who joins them loses their money.

However, the main reason for this is that these systems are not designed to help people. Their goal is to make you give them your hard earned money.

For example, stay away from 7K Metals, Prosperity Of Life, IM Mastery Academy, Now Lifestyle and others!

The best programs on the internet are there to help you first and foremost. Helping people makes a lot of money and gets you a lot of good reviews from users.

2. Overhyped claims abound on the sales page

We all know that making money online is not easy and you have to work hard for it.

On Multiple Income Funnel’s website, you can see that they are trying to get you to sign up with claims that are too good to be true. This is a big warning sign!

They claim things that are not true or that are exaggerated to make you believe that you can make money with their system. But in reality, they just want you to buy it so they can make money.

They have no interest in you. They are only interested in themselves and will leave you behind if something goes wrong.

3. Multiple Income Funnel is not a 100% done-for-you product

The system is not automated. In other words, Multiple Income Funnel will NOT make you earn commissions on auto-pilot.

The only done for you here are the landing pages. But you still need to generate traffic and spend thousands of dollars to join these funnels.

If these DFY programs were legit, everyone would be using them to make money. But the sad truth is, they work only for the creators. There is no evidence that Multiple Income Funnel works for regular users.

4. Recruiting is the focus of the multiple income funnel

As you already know, the program is all about getting people to participate. In other words, the only way to make money is to join the program and get other people to do the same.

As long as your program is genuine, there’s nothing wrong with recruiting other people. But the funnels that Multiple Income Funnel offers are not genuine.

Besides, the whole thing looks like a pyramid scheme. Take a look at the video:

I have already looked at half of the programs that MIF offers. I have come to the conclusion that all of them are scams and pyramid schemes that do not follow the rules.

Also, Mack Mills seems to be constantly changing these programs within the dashboard. Most likely, this is because all of them have bad reviews from users. And that’s not good for his plan.

That’s why he has to change them all the time.

5. To make money, you have to spend money

As I said before, you may be able to make money with this program.

But you have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. You need to pay a lot of money for Easy1Up, Traffic Authority and Textbot AI if you want to make money.

As you can see from my previous reviews of Multiple Income Funnels, you will be asked to spend thousands of dollars on these programs. And what you get in return is not worth much – it’s almost useless!

6. Offers dubious Ponzi schemes.

All the programs that Multiple Income Funnel recommends are dubious, and some of them are even called pyramid schemes.

Some people may do well with these programs, but they are risky and require a lot of money.

But the worst thing is that they do not help users in any way. So, they would basically spread bad products all over the Internet and trick people into buying them with the claim that they can make a lot of money.

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How Does Multiple Income Funnel Work?

The Multiple Income funnel system is one part of a larger funnel. It raises money in four different ways: Easy1Up, Textbot.AI, Traffic Authority, and OPM Wealth. Although these programs cost thousands of dollars, only a small number of people make it big. Most people who sign up for these programs lose the money they worked hard for.

Multiple Income Funnel is a “ready-made” system that you can buy. Your job is to bring people to the landing page we provide. With every purchase you pay for Multiple Income Funnel.

You can also use Funnels with these programs. I’ll explain in detail, one by one:

  • Easy1Up
  • Textbot.AI
  • Traffic Authority
  • OPM Wealth

How To Make Money With Multiple Income Funnel?

Multiple Income Funnel has four ways to make money, which I will explain in detail:


Easy1Up is a gifting system where you have to deposit money and get other people to do the same. In other words, it is a pyramid scheme, and here is why.

Once you sign up for the system at one of the various prizes, you can promote it and get other people to join.

Here you can see how much it costs to join Easy1Up:

  • Elevation package – $25
  • Elevation Elite package – $100
  • Vertex package – $250
  • Vertex Elite package – $500
  • Vertex Pro Connect package – $1,000
  • Vertex Live package – $2,000

You must purchase one of these packages if you want to use the funnels in Multiple Income Funnel for Easy1Up.

Mack Mills also receives a commission for each new member.

I also learned that the person who developed Easy1Up has developed other pyramid schemes in recent years, such as Ueconomy, Ultimate Cycler, Direct Mail Pro and many others.

Textbot Ai 

With this you can do the same things as with Easy1Up. The only difference is that joining here costs less.

Textbot Ai is a software that lets you automatically send messages to other people and drive traffic to your funnel.

If you want to join, you have to pay $100, and then you can start recruiting people and get a commission.

It is said that this software can help you promote your automated text messaging business and earn commissions by recruiting other people.

So, Multiple Income Funnel System serves as a second way to earn money.

Traffic Authority 

You can buy different traffic packages from Traffic Authority at a certain price.

Here you can buy products to get traffic and training. This is the main thing that brings people to your Multiple Income Funnel.

As with the other two funnels I told you about above, you can also make money with Traffic Authority by getting other people to join.

It is said that you can earn a high commission here, but it depends on which traffic package they buy.

If you want to sell these packages and make money from them, you have to buy them first. But let me tell you that they are not cheap.

Here you can see how much each package costs:

  • Basic Traffic Package – $220 (170-190 clicks)
  • Bronze Traffic Package – $440 (340-380 clicks
  • Silver Traffic Package – $660 (510-570 clicks)
  • Gold Traffic Package – $1097 (850-950 clicks)
  • Platinum Traffic Package – $2197 (1700-1900 clicks)
  • Titanium Traffic Package – $4297 (2400-3800 clicks)
  • Diamond Traffic Package – $8397 (8100-8400 clicks)

Here is how this program works. You will have to spend a lot of money on it, because you have to spend money to make money. You will earn more money the more you spend.

OPM Wealth 

OPM Wealth is another way to make money through the Multiple Income Funnel, but like the others it is a pyramid scheme.

Here you give money to the system to invest and attract more people.

The way it works is that the coaches help you rebuild your credit. Then you can take a loan to join this pyramid scheme.

The borrowed money has to be exchanged into bitcoin, and let me tell you that the loans are quite high.

This Multiple Income Funnel Stream includes the following packages:

  • Hermes – cost is $2,000
  • Apollo – cost is $5,000
  • Athena – cost is $8,500
  • Poseidon – cost is $14,500
  • Zeus – cost is $27,500

Now you need to find 3 people to sign up, because the commission will be divided between them. Two people will get a commission and the person who invited you will get the third commission.

I can say that none of these programs are good, because the way they are run is against the law. And the time will come when they will be charged with a crime.

In short, Multiple Income Funnels seems to follow the same steps. I think that this program and these income streams have too many signs of a scam.

This is not to say that Multiple Income Funnel is a scam in general. But I do not want anything to do with programs that try to get people to participate in Ponzi schemes.

Multiple Income Funnel Pricing

The price for Multiple Income Funnel is $49 per month. Even though it’s not that expensive, the problem is that you do not get anything out of it.

As you can see from the last part of my review, just setting up your MIF funnels will cost you more money.

This is a list of all the possible costs:

MIF Income Stream #1 Cost

  • Level 1 – $25
  • Level 2 – $100
  • Level 3 – $250
  • Level 4 – $500
  • Level 5 – $1,000
  • Level 6 – $2,000

MIF Income Stream #2 Cost

  • Level 1 – $100

MIF Income Stream #3 Costs

  • Level 1 – $220
  • Level 2 – $440
  • Level 3 – $660
  • Level 4 – $1097
  • Level 5 – $2197
  • Level 6 – $4297
  • Level 7 – $8397

MIF Income Stream #4 Cost

  • Level 1 – $2,000
  • Level 2 – $5,000
  • Level 4 – $8,500
  • Level 5 – $14,500
  • Level 5 – $27,500

So if this does not work for you, you will end up spending a lot of money to make those above you rich.

This program makes me think of Click Wealth System and Perpetual Income 365. Both of these programs are designed to make the people running them very rich at your expense.

If there was some sort of training, I would not mind. But since this system does not teach you how to build a real business, I do not think it’s worth anything.

Besides, the way the program works is bad for you because it leads you to a pyramid scheme.

The program does not sell or give anything away. Still, it seems likely that Multiple Income Funnel is also a Ponzi scheme.

Is Multiple Income Funnel a Scam?

In my evaluation I can say that Multiple Income Funnel is a scam.

There is a possibility that this program can help you make money, but not in the right way.

You see, if you want to make money, you have to spend a lot of money first. In other words, you need to buy all these illegal and very expensive methods to recruit people.

Then you have to invite people to buy these packages and depending on which packages they subscribe or buy, you get a commission.

I do not want you to do what you are asked to do, because if you cheat the people you recruit, they will sue you, or even worse, you could go to jail.

If you know what MOBE is, you will know why I am saying this.

MOBE was a scheme very similar to the Multiple Income Funnel. When people realized they were being ripped off, they reported it to the government. Now the FTC is taking action against participants in the program.

There should be a product to sell, but with Multiple Income Funnel, there is not. Instead, you spend money on funnels that are not worth the money.

I do not recommend Multiple Income Funnel because there is nothing good here. If you use fake funnels, it will only cost you more money.

Basically, the whole thing is like a Ponzi scheme or a Ponzi scheme. So it’s only a matter of time before a lot of people start complaining and the whole thing collapses.

Remember that you should always do your research before signing up or buying anything so that you can find out if the course, program or product is genuine.

Who is Mack Mills?

Mack Mills is an online marketer who promotes “online business opportunities” like Multiple Income Funnel and says he has made a lot of money working from home.

When I searched for him on the Internet, I found out that he also has a pretty bad name.

You see, Mack Mills has created many “make money” programs like Multiple Income Funnel that make unrealistic and inflated promises that you can make a lot of money quickly and easily if you join and apply his system, but you find out later that it does not work.

You lose money instead of earning it, while Mack gets more money.

For this reason, a lot of bad things are said about Mack.

So we can say that we can not trust this man. I do not want to do business with someone who has a bad reputation online, even if he says he makes a lot of money.

Is There An Easier and Better Alternative to Multiple Income Funnel?

If you are running an online business for the first time, you may be wondering if there’s a better way that does not require a lot of money upfront and that you can go on the side.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and most profitable way to run a business that I have tried so far. It takes less time because you do not have to worry about inventory or customer support.

It can help you earn a steady passive income while you are on vacation or working a full-time job.

Since there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, I would always choose a business model with the least amount of risk.

But how much can you earn with affiliate marketing?

A 21-year-old student of the #1 affiliate marketing training platform I recommend was able to earn $7,395 in just one week, which is more than $1,000 per day. He did this with free traffic methods and affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for more than 15 years, and in that time there have been many success stories.

If you want to try Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for the starter membership here (no credit card required). You can be a free member for as long as you want.

So I think you should really sign up for a free account and try it out for yourself.

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