How to Write About Us Page For a Blog?

How To Write About Us Page For A Blog

Many people neglect the About Us page on their websites as they do not understand the importance of it for sales conversion. On internet, unlike face to face communication, it’s hard to connect with people without seeing a person’s face or hearing his voice. You can have a great sales funnel that starts with a beautiful landing page and attracts a lot of prospects to your website. But to convert them into customers, your About Us page plays an important role.

Think about it, who would give out their credit cards to a faceless stranger without any background information disclosed? This is especially true for service-based companies as customers would love to know who they will be working with.

If you don’t know how to write About Us page for a blog, this article is for you.

Write A Powerful About Us Page To Optimize Sales

It’s worth spending some time to craft your About Us page to avoid losing sales that could have been captured easily. If you just have few lines of generic sentences that tell nothing about your business and people, that loophole of your sales funnel would cost you a lot of money.

In fact, the About Us page is very important in building trust or credibility. When a visitor comes to your website and get impressed by your content or what you offer, most would go to the About Us page to learn more about you and your business before considering to do business with you.

People are becoming more sophisticated and skeptical nowadays. To get them to pay you their hardly-earned money, you have to show that you’re trustworthy. Also, if you do consulting service, the about us page is where you can build you credibility by showing your credentials and experience.

Here’re the indispensable elements that you should include on the About Us page for sale optimization:

1. Show People Your Face For Ice-Breaking

Your business cannot thrive if you bury yourself behind the computer screen. You can’t ask prospects to trust a person they can’t see. Including a photo of yourself or your team members is the easiest way to connect with prospects. A simple causal shot would suffice to humanize your website. You can expect higher conversion rate with this simple trick.

2. Tell a Story About Yourself or Your Company

Human beings love stories. Story can attract people’s attention and leave a deeper impression. Your story should aim to tell your visitors why you began what you’re doing and relate to the core value of your business. Here’s a simple but powerful formula that you can follow:

  • What problem or frustrations you had in the beginning
  • How did you overcome the problem and transform into who you are now
  • How can you solve the same problem for others given your past experience

3. Let Prospects Know Your Value Proposition

Even if you have an independent page for company value, you should restate your value proposition on About Us page as well. It’s very important to imprint what your company can help or offer on prospects’ mind because many may not buy from you in the first visit. And you want them to remember you and come back in the future.

4. Include A Lead Magnet For Your Prospects to Download

In marketing, you may not know all principles, but there’s one principle that is timeless and proven to work: The Reciprocity Principle. It’s a golden rule that you should give before you receive. Delivering value to your prospects by giving out a free report, eBook, course will be appreciated in most cases. You have to make sure your lead magnet is of high quality that can help your prospects to gain some insights into solving their problems. It is the best if it can relate to your paid product or service.

Also, since most visitors do not buy your product or service right away, a lead magnet can be a bait to collect their email addresses. In that way, you can gradually build your email list and send valuable content to them to keep up and nurture the relationship. When prospects are in need of solving the problem, you will be the first person popping up in their mind.

5. Craft a Clear Call to Action

After the visitor finishes reading the About Us page, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get them to do something or they would leave your website.

The simplest call to action is to ask people to contact you. This is particularly useful if you’re service-based company because it is always better to have prospects contact you first instead of you cold calling them.

You could also direct the prospects to visit your other pages such as your product page, resource page where you can instantly make money.

Cool Examples of About Us Pages

If you are still confused, no worries that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because there are many great examples of About Us pages that you can get inspiration or make reference. Here’re some great examples for you:

Marie Forleo

Tara Gentile

Pencils of Promise

Wrap Up

Now you know the importance of your About Us page and how to write a good one.

Go ahead and put this into action and observe if your conversion rate is increased or not.

Sometimes, a small twist can make a huge difference.

Share this post with your friends who want to know how to write About Us page for a blog or business.

If you have any questions or insights, leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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