How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

There are over 4 billion people online searching for information and solutions to their problems. When there are problems, there are opportunities to make money. Being an affiliate is the easiest way to make money online as you don’t have to create solutions yourself. Your job is just to provide advice and recommend product or service that can solve people’s problems. In return, you earn affiliate commission from the product seller or service provider.

In this article, I’m going to go through the process of how to make money in affiliate marketing.

A Win-Win-Win Game To Make Money

To be successful in affiliate marketing, always remember that nobody is taken advantage in a deal. Customer gets the product or service he needs, you earn the commission for your recommendation or advice, and the product seller or service provider earns money for the sale.

Many affiliate marketers fail because of the wrong mindset trying to earn commission at the expense of customers. They tend to use lazy strategy by stuffing affiliate links everywhere, hoping people would click and buy via the link. I used to do this as well and got no sales at all.

In fact, if you do it right, affiliate marketing can be very profitable. A decent affiliate can make $400,000 a year. Some super affiliates can make up to $1,500,00 a year, which might sound crazy to you. But it is possible if you are willing to devote hard work in the right way.

Proven Steps to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

There’re many strategies but all should center around one main principle: put your audience’s needs in the first place. Think about affiliate marketing in the way when you recommend something to your friends.

Would you recommend your friends to buy something that you know is useless to them? Probably not because you understand your friendship is built upon trust. We always want to help our friends with their problems, not take advantage of them. Keep this principle in mind and read on.

1. Build a Relationship with Your Audience

The first step sounds easy but it’s the most critical. If you fail this step, it’s hard to sell anything to your audience. Building a relationship means earning trust. To earn trust, you should provide true value to your audience without asking for return. You have to make your audience feel that you’re serving or helping them like a friend.

To do this, you can share a lot of valuable information or knowledge with your audience via blog post, videos, eBook, podcast, social media posts etc for free. Your audience will see and appreciate what you’ve done for them. They will appreciate your generosity for sharing something that you could have charged them.

2. Identify Products that Fit Your Audience’s needs

Now you have built the relationship with your audience, you can start to consider what product to promote. But before you start finding a product for promotion, you should have a problem in mind that you want to solve for your audience.

Many affiliate marketers find and promote random products because they only have commission in mind. Always remember that your audience is your goldmine only if you treat them as your most valuable asset.

Asset is not fixed in value. It will depreciate in value each time you try to feed some trash into it. Therefore, it’s important that you understand what your audience needs before you promote something to them. This is not difficult if you have chosen a niche where you’re also a member yourself. For example, if you’re a basketball player, you should know the problems that basketball players have in common. If not, you can simply do some survey and ask for opinions from your audience.

3. Use and Test the Product to Make Sure It is of Good Quality

You should only recommend products that you’re very familiar with. If you haven’t used the product yourself, it’s hard to convince your audience to get it. And you might tarnish your reputation and lose the trust you hardly built if the product turns out to be bad quality and does not actually help your audience.

Telling your audience your own user experience is the most powerful in promotion. Take the reviews on Amazon as an example, we read other people’s reviews before we make a purchase decision. Similarly, having built the trust with your audience in the first step, you’re already an influencer to your audience.

When you show a product to your audience telling them how it helps you solve a common problem in your niche, you don’t have to be pushy or salesy to get your audience to buy it. The reason is that your audience will not feel being sold, but that you’re helping them to solve their problem.

Also, to ensure your audience has good experience with the product you recommend, you should offer to help if your audience encounter any issues with the product. You should treat the product as if you own it. I’m sure your audience will appreciate it knowing that there’s someone available to ask questions and hence will feel more comfortable buying the product via your affiliate link.

4. Promote Product To Your Audience

Connect with Audience on Social Media

Having built the relationship and tested the product yourself, it’s time to convey your recommendation to your audience. There’re various ways to reach your audience and get your voice heard. Most importantly, display your affiliate links on places that are easy for your audience to click so that you can earn commission.

Building an audience on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. are important in affiliate marketing. It is where you can build a relationship with your audience by interacting with them. To begin with, I would suggest you focus most of your efforts on one platform first and grow your following.

When promoting on social media, it’s important to avoid direct selling. Social media is not a marketplace that people go there to socialize with friends. So you shouldn’t directly link your audience with your affiliate link. Instead, you should do indirect promotion by driving your audience to visit something of value such as video, blog post or webinar, and embed your affiliate link there.

In that way, you’re serving your audience by delivering value. And you got a chance to show your audience what the product is before asking them to click the affiliate link. Again, by doing this, you earn your audience’s trust.

Create YouTube Videos To Demonstrate Product

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. By ranking for keywords related to the product, you can get a lot of traffic on YouTube and monetise the traffic by including your affiliate link in the video description. You can do a video demo where you can show your audience how they can benefit from the product and how to use it.

People are more likely to buy if they can see how the product actually works to help them solve their problem. Also, video is the best to connect with your audience and build trust as people can see your face and hear your voice. And nowadays, people are overwhelmed with a lot of information, and video is by far the best media to attract people’s attention.

Therefore, if it is a physical product, just do an unboxing video. If it is digital product, run through the product by screen recording and show your audience the features and benefits.

Create A Product Review Blog Post

Writing product review blog post is powerful in affiliate marketing. Your aim is to provide all the information for your audience to help them make a purchase decision. However, make sure it is not like a dull research paper you wrote in school. It should be in conversational style like a script.

Also, you should try your best to do it in an entertaining way because people’s attention span is very short nowadays that you can’t expect people to read your long blog post patiently.

A well-written blog post ranking for a hot product keyword is very powerful in driving traffic. To optimize your search engine ranking, it is important that you have the product keyword in the title, first paragraph, meta title, meta description and URL etc. You shouldn’t try to rank for multiple keywords for a single blog post as it will confuse Google’s algorithm on ranking your post. Here’s a checklist you can follow and get ranked easily on google.

Moreover, you should make sure blog post provides sufficient information for your audience so that your audience does not have to go elsewhere for further research. Here’s an outline for you to follow:

  • An overview of the product
  • What is the product
  • Who is the product for
  • How does the product work
  • Product review
  • Pros of the product
  • Cons of the product
  • Conclusion

Following this structure, you should be able to provide your audience with a comprehensive introduction of the product and search engine like Google will love your detailed product review and rank it high.

Send Emails to Your List

“The money is in the list”. If you don’t have an email list, you should start building it as soon as possible because email is a powerful marketing channel where you can have a more in-depth communication with your audience.

Similar to social media marketing, you should not directly promote the product by linking your audience through an affiliate link. Instead, you should always link them to your blog post, YouTube video, webinar etc to deliver value first before asking your audience to click the affiliate link.

Actually, for some affiliate programs like the Amazon’s associates program, you’re prohibited to do direct selling with your affiliate links in emails. And in fact, if you do direct selling by stuffing affiliate links in your emails, it’s easier to go to spam box and your audience is more likely to unsubscribe. You will be burning your list, which is very costly indeed.

Remember to avoid too aggressive in email marketing because the key principle of affiliate marketing is to build trust with your audience. If your audience has the feeling that you’re always pushing them to buy something, you will lose their trust. Without trust, your affiliate marketing business cannot be sustainable. Actually, commission will come naturally if you have your audience’s best interest in mind.

Wrap Up

Follow this affiliate marketing process and you will see the results gradually. Be patient at the beginning because building an audience and relationship takes time. Always be helpful to your audience and you will be reciprocated at the end of the day.

Actually your audience will be glad to buy via your affiliate link to reciprocate you without extra cost to them. It’s really a win-win transaction and that’s how a sustainable affiliate marketing business is built upon.

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