How to Grow Instagram Account: 5 Strategies To Succeed Fast

How To Grow Instagram Account: 5 Strategies To Succeed Fast

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that any online business should not ignore. With more than 800 million active users every month, it allows you to attract and engage with lots of potential customers for free. However, as Instagram algorithm changes and makes organic growth more difficult, how to grow Instagram account has become a headache to many online business owners.

In this article, I’m going to share 5 strategies that help you grow your account to 10K followers fast.

Imagine You Have 10K Loyal Followers

When you manage to reach 10K followers, the pace of scaling will accelerate beyond your imagination given that you can keep up with the engagement rate. When there’re 10K diehard fans engaging and sharing your content every day, your content can easily get viral and reach thousands of people for free. No matter what business you are in, advertising your product or service will become much easier.

Learn and Implement the Growth Hacks

I’m going to introduce 5 key strategies to help you grow your Instagram account. These are the hacks that I have tested to work the best. There’re many other strategies, but I believe in the 80-20 Rule that you only have to focus on several key strategies that work.

1. Create Engaging Content For Followers

Having followers is useless if you cannot engage them. To engage your followers, your content must be able to intrigue them. You may do various types of content to test which one receives the most likes or comments and duplicate success.

Another powerful strategy when it comes to content creation is the “Unicorn Strategy“. It means modeling the content that is already proved successful on other similar accounts of your niche. So go to research and dig out 5-10 competitor accounts that have many times more followers than yours. Then select the posts that got the most engagement and repost them to your accounts with credit or permission. Or you can recreate similar content. In this way, you’re not blindly guessing what works and hence can save a lot of time and efforts on testing. Basically, you’re leveraging other people’s efforts to test for you.

Another important note is that when creating content, you have to strike a balance between engaging and selling. Being overly salesy can hamper your engagement rate and get people to unfollow you. To generate more sales in the long term, you have to pay more efforts and time on building goodwill and providing value to people.

2. Be Determined to Post Consistently

Most people want to succeed fast, so they lack the persistence to keep posting quality content on Instagram. They don’t understand turning followers into customers require time to nurture the relationship. It’s really like developing a friendship. If you don’t contact a friend for a long time, the relationship will gradually drift apart.

And the Instagram algorithm is also designed in the way that encourages and rewards accounts that publish consistently because the platform makes money by having active users keep updating news. Instagram tends to push and promote the content of consistent publishers to wider and broader audiences. So posting consistently, at least once a day, is a simple but critical hack that you should follow to grow your account.

To help you post regularly, you can use some apps to help such as Later, which is my favorite scheduling software where you can schedule the content for weeks so that you don’t have to do it manually every day. The other advantage is that if you’re targeting global customers, you can entertain your followers in different time zones by posting around the clock.

3. Use Giveaways to Boost Your Following

Giveaway campaign is a powerful shortcut to grow your account fast. By providing incentives to influencers’ followers, you can get people to follow you. If you’re selling physical products, reach out to micro-influencers with 5K followers or above and ask for collaboration of giveaway campaign.

Usually these micro-influencers do not charge for that service but simply require a free product from you because hosting giveaway campaign can also help themselves to grow their accounts. It is a mutually beneficial campaign that it is easy to get a yes from micro-influencers.

Actually micro-influencers usually have a much more engaged tribe. Most macro influencers only have average engagement rate 3-4% but for micro-influencers, the engagement rate can be as high as 20%.

The beauty of collaborating with micro-influencers is that you can also get some product photos from them that you can use to boost social proof. People tend to buy a product when they see there’re many people using it. Photos from micro-influencers actually can help enhance the perceived value of your brand.

You can be creative about your giveaway campaign. The key is to make it irresistible to attract more people to join. You can utilise some softwares like Gleam or Vyper to create different kinds of viral campaigns. And to reach out to the influencers, you can do it via the direct message on Instagram or send cold emails to them. The software that I highly recommend for sending cold emails is Woodpecker that can help you automate the process.

4. Comment & Engage with Big Accounts

To grow your account, you can either pay a lot of money on advertisement or leverage others for free. There’re many big Instagram accounts in every niche. Have you ever thought of how to leverage them in a legitimate way? Actually, by simply commenting on a post of those big accounts, you can increase your exposure to thousands of people.

Did you notice some comments can get hundreds of replies or likes on those big accounts? So you should aim to become the top comment on the big account’s posts so that millions of people can see it and some may be curious to visit your profile and follow you.

The key of this strategy is to not leave spammy comments like posting generic emojis or comments that cannot stand out. You have to provide value and write something very relevant to the post. You can also leave some funny or humorous comments that catch people’s attention. Many people know this strategy but does not take it seriously and hence underestimate the power of it.

5. Make the Most Out of Instagram Stories

Every day, more than 500 million users watch Instagram stories. You should make full use of the features of Instagram stories. There are numerous interactive stickers for boosting engagement. The question sticker is the great one for collecting opinions from your followers about your business. And you can personally message those who have asked you questions and offer your product or service for sales.

Another powerful sticker available on Instagram Story is the countdown sticker.

Instagram stories’ non-permanent nature also makes it suitable for sharing other people’s posts. You can give shoutouts to others who publish content about your business or collaborate with them for cross promotion.

Adding links to Instagram stories using “Swipe up” is so powerful that you direct people to your promotion website. This function will be unlocked once you hit 10K followers. With this function, it makes a lot of difference in selling because in normal Instagram post, links are not clickable which reduces click through rate. Therefore, to enable the function of “swipe up”, make sure you strive to hit the 10K followers goal.

Instagram is Worth Your Investment of Time

By now, you should have an idea of how to grow Instagram account.

Remember, there is no overnight success. Instagram is a goldmine that you can really build up a community around your business. There is no other social media platform that has such amazing engagement rate and user base.

Take the time and implement the above strategies to grow your account to 10K followers as the foundation of your business. It helps reduce a lot of advertising cost and greatly improve your brand image.

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If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and let’s discuss.

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