How to Drive Traffic to the Website?

How To Drive Traffic To The Website?

Without traffic, there is no business. Traffic is gold. This is true for both offline and online business. Physical stores are willing to pay high rent for a location with crowds. Similarly, the main focus of all online marketers is always on this question: how to drive traffic to the website.

Assuming you have great product or service, you cannot monetise it without people knowing it. We have to get people to visit our website so that we can present our offer to them. In this article, I’m going to share with you 7 effective ways to drive traffic to your website so that you can convert the visitors into customers.

Drive Traffic With or Without Money

To generate traffic, you need either money or time. To have a profitable business, you should aim for the highest efficiency in utilizing your time and money, which are both scarce.

I’ll share with you how you can drive traffic with or without money. Since we’re all subject to different constraints, it’s your job to decide which one to focus more to be profitable.

Acquire Traffic to Your Website For Free

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a smart way to leverage the traffic of other established blogs. To do this, you have to maximize your chance of getting the permission of the blog owner.

Firstly, you have to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It’s easier if you have some professional qualifications in your niche. If not, you can create some valuable content on your own blog to impress the blog owner.

Then you can start to contact blogs in your niche. You’re going to get rejections but no worries, as you just need several to say yes to you. To find the blogs in your niche, simply google [your niche] + blog. Try to look for the blogs with the most traffic or comments. Pay attention to whether there’re guest bloggers on the website, if yes, that implies you have a higher chance of being accepted as guest blogger as well.

In the email, include a small portfolio of your best written posts and offer to write for free. To make your offer more irresistible, you should mention how you would promote the guest post and help drive traffic to their website.

2. Forum Commenting

You can find forums in different niches. Just do simple Google search and you will find some popular forums in your niche.

Forums are more like a community where people with similar interests interact with each other. Many are just beginners, not experts of that niche. So you don’t have to establish credibility and position yourself as an expert. It’s more like chatting with friends.

However, it does not mean you should do directionless chating with people on the forum. Remember, your purpose is to drive traffic to your website. So you have to stand out from the crowd and catch people’s attention.

Instead of providing brief and pointless answers to the questions on forum, you should provide an extraordinary detailed insight that people won’t be expecting. Many people on forum are just newbie in the niche, so you should provide some solid advice and over deliver, and people would want to know more from you, and then you can get people to visit your website.

3. Blog Commenting

Leaving a comment on blogs with high traffic is an easy but effective way to drive traffic to your website. Unlike forums, commenting on blogs is not to answer a question, but to add your thoughts relevant to the blog post.

People who read blog posts always want to know more. So you can include a link in your comment to direct people to your website and share more details with them. There’re several places you can insert your links, depending on different blog settings. In general, you should be able to link your username or include a link within your comments.

Here’s a secret hack to enhance the effectiveness of this strategy. You can make use of RSS feeds to subscribe to the most popular blogs in your niche. So whenever there is a new blog post published, you will be notified and you can be the first to make a comment on the new post and appear at the top.

One important point to note is that it is useless to make a comment without meaning or value. Make sure you add some valuable ideas or even a bit of controversy. While you can disagree with what the article says, always remember that you shouldn’t be rude as you might be taken down or blacklisted. A better way is to acknowledge and compliment the post before offering your ideas. That can help build up a relationship with the author, who might then invite you to be their guest blogger.

4. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is one of the most popular Q&A websites where people can find answers to any type of questions. If you answer enough questions, you could generate a lot of free traffic to your website. You can include the link of your website organically in the answer to avoid looking spammy.

Simply go to and search for relevant questions in your niche. Your aim is to be voted as the “Best Answer” for the questions so that can appear on the top and drive the most traffic to your website. To do this, don’t just answer the question but add more bonus points by citing examples.

5. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you can get your website or content to the top of the search engine results page (SERPs), you can get a lot of free traffic from people who’re looking for solutions relevant to your content.

However, SEO can be very competitive. So you have to target keywords that has a reasonable amount of searches per day/month while the competition is low at the same time. I would suggest targeting long tail keywords (3-4 words phrase) with at least 100 searches per month and less than 100 competitors. The benefit of targeting long tail keywords is that the competition is lower and people searching for long tail keywords have a higher likelihood to take action and buy.

To find out these profitable keywords to target, you have to do keyword research by using some tools like Google Keyword Planner, Jaaxy etc. Jaaxy is the software that I highly recommend for its accuracy and efficiency.

Aside from taking into consideration of the searching volume of keywords, you also should look for the commercial intent of different keywords. Keywords with “buy now” imply strong commercial intent that people are ready to buy. Some informational keywords such as “how to”, “best way to”, “ways to” have low conversion potential but you can convert them later if your product or service is the best solution for them.

6. Video Marketing on Youtube

Video marketing is the trend to catch people’s attention online. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It has over 3 billion users and over 30 million visitors on YouTube every day. Actually, it’s more than a search engine, but also video hosting, social media, community and knowledge sharing platform.

Video is the best way to connect with people and demonstrate your products. Anyone can upload a video and have the potential to go viral. Nowadays, everyone can create a video easily with a smartphone. You don’t have to create fancy videos like movie. The key is that the audience can connect with you through the video.

To succeed on YouTube, there’re several key aspects that you have to pay attention.

First, like other search engines, you have to aim for ranking high on YouTube by following the SEO rules. Your video title should include that keywords that you want to rank for. And to outrank other videos, you have to get clicks and views. To do this, having an eye-catching thumbnail image for your video is very critical.

Also, you should take the time to transcribe your video and provide YouTube with your subtitles so that YouTube can crawl your video for content and keywords and rank your video. You’re highly recommend to use to help you transcribe.

Lastly, make sure you have a CTA at the end of your videos asking people to subscribe your channel because YouTube will more likely to promote the videos of popular channel which has a lot of subscribers.

It takes time and discipline to grow your YouTube channel. You have to upload new videos on regular basis, at least once a week. In that way, you can build up a very close relationship with your followers and drive them to your website.

Invest in Quality Traffic to Your Website

It’s true that as you’re just getting started without cash flow, you should minimize your expenditure. However, you should take paid ads as an investment because if you do it right, it can help make money a lot faster than simply relying on free traffic sources. Facebook Ad is by far the most popular paid media and has the most prominent result.

7. The Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook has the data of billions of people around the world who voluntarily gives Facebook their personal information. Just browse Facebook and you will see people’s relationship status, pages they like, places or events they check in etc. All these are valuable information for business. Marketers can use all this information to craft messages for targeting a very specific audience.

Facebook treasure the user experience so they aim to fit their ads seamlessly into people’s Facebook feeds. The Facebook ads policy is very strict that you should familiarize yourself with it because Facebook will suspend your account for breaching the policy without any notice. This is the most important thing you should study before you get started. After all, if you account is suspended, your skills of running Facebook ads have no use at all.

So how to create a Facebook Ad? When it comes to creating a Facebook ad, the metrics you should focus on are the click-through rate and the cost per link click. For a profitable marketing campaign, you should aim to boost your click-through rate and keep the cost per link click as low as possible. These two factors are actually closely linked, because Facebook treasures user experience. Ads that do not resonate with the target audience need to pay more for an Ad space. If you can boost your click-through rate, Facebook will charge you less per click.

Therefore, the number one task in running Facebook ads is to increase the click-through rate. To do so, you have to test different images, polish your ad copy and test your targeting. You don’t have to worry about having to pay a lot for testing as you can set your budget as low as $5 to test and only scale up when you have come up with an ad that drives the most quality traffic to your website.

Traffic Does Not Come Overnight

Traffic is actually a measurement of how established your business is. You can’t expect to generate high and stable traffic overnight as you would not expect your business to succeed instantly.

To generate traffic, you have to rely on both organic and paid sources. It’s like the process of sowing. You have to sow the seeds at different places to gradually build up a stunning garden.

Try out the strategies mentioned in this article and generate targeted traffic to your website so you can collect leads and build your list for both immediate and future income!

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