Dashboard Forums Health & Vitality Is Nervogen Pro a Scam?

  • Rachel

    August 24, 2022 at 10:55 pm

    Nervogen Pro is not a scam. Nervogen Pro targets the source of nerve pain in humans: a tense muscle called the Psoas. The psoas is a muscle that connects the lower end of your spine to the inner part of your pelvic region. While it appears that the Psoas has nothing to do with nerve pain and neuropathy in general, some studies suggest otherwise. For one thing, when tense, the Psoas can tighten up on the peripheral nerves that exit the spine, causing them to send pain signals to your brain. While the results of this study are still pending, it is one of the most recent acceptable hypotheses for neuropathy in general.

    How does the Psoas become tense in the future? The answer is straightforward: stress. The average person walks through noise pollution every day as if nothing is wrong. What most people don’t realize is that a single car honk can significantly increase an individual’s stress level. We simply aren’t aware of it because it has become ingrained in our daily lives. It is felt subconsciously by the human body. Even if you don’t have to deal with noise pollution every day, you can avoid the stressful and harmful effects of blue light radiation. The screens we see around us emit this type of harmful light, which includes smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. This blue light radiation can also increase stress levels.

    Stress builds up in our bodies as we age. As time passes, we find that we have less time for activities that relax us or relieve stress. This buildup of stress affects everything in our bodies, including the tension on our Psoas. A tense Psoas is like a snake squeezing our nerves. Because it is so close to the spinal cord, it can constrict secondary or peripheral nerves that exit the spine. This is what causes the excruciating, never-ending nerve pain that some people experience on a daily basis. Having said that, Nervogen Pro contains all-natural ingredients that help soothe and relax your nerves as well as your Psoas, keeping everything calm and pain-free.

    While this is not a prescription drug that can numb the pain, it can reduce it to the point where it relaxes the muscles and makes it more bearable by the second. There is a small disclaimer. There are numerous studies being conducted on the condition of neuropathy. One of the hypotheses about the causes of neuropathy is the tensing of the Psoas. This is an ongoing study that will require additional research to establish its complete legitimacy.

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